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How To Use Towels


Why the difference between men and women using towels is so big

A few days ago, some e-pals said that she and her boyfriend were really too different in the towel usage habits.

The towels she uses are face towels, bath towels, foot towels, headscarves … it can be said to be single service towels. But her boyfriend is more special. There was a face towel and a foot towel before. Since the foot towel is broken, he just wipes all with a towel. She wanted to know whether all boys use a towel like this or only her boyfriend.

In view of the difference between men and women using customized microfiber printed mandala round beach towel, our company also randomly found hundreds of passers-by for interviews and consultations.

Among the male interviewers, some of them separate the towels for a different use, but the number is really very small, within a hundred. But it does not mean that most boys are all wiped with a towel, generally, boys separate the towels for face and foot, not everyone uses a towel to wipe everything.

Of course, girls will not all be equipped with wash towels, bath towels, foot towels, headscarves … There are many towels, and some will go with only one wash towel + foot towel, but no girls use a towel to wipe everything.

How To Use Towels

Then how to use the towels correctly?

1. Use of towels
Towels should be dedicated to special people, special durability microfiber printing beach towel suppliers. It is absolutely impossible for multiple people to use the same towel because it is likely to cause cross-infection and will make a bad impact on health. The number of towels used per person per day is 4-5, which are: small towels for daily personal maintenance such as face washing, foot washing, bathing and shampooing, and women also need to add 1 personal sanitary towel.

2. Frequency of replacement
After a long time using, there will be a lot of bacteria and mites inside. When you use it to wipe your face every day, bacteria and mites will adhere to our skin through the towel. It is easy to grow acne or Mites. It is recommended to replace a new towel in three months, washed by hot water once a week to keep the durability microfiber printing beach towel price list clean and hygienic.

3. How to disinfect the towel
● Steaming and disinfection method
Put the towel in boiling water and cook for about 10 minutes, then wash it with soapy water and dry it before use.

● Microwave disinfection method
Clean the towel, fold it and put it in the microwave, and run it for 5 minutes to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

● High-pressure steam sterilization
Put the towel in the pressure cooker and keep it heated for about 30 minutes to kill most bacteria.

● Chemical disinfection method
You can choose a 200-fold dilution of the disinfectant, soak the purchase waffle microfiber beach towel in the solution for more than 15 minutes, then take out the towel and rinse it with clean water to remove the residual disinfectant. After drying, you can use it safely.

4. The correct cleaning and drying method
Towels must be cleaned regularly, generally twice a week. When washing, be sure to pay attention to the washing method on the washing label. Hang it in a dry and ventilated place when drying. Dry naturally or dry with hot air.

5. More sunshine to towels
Wet towels are placed in non-ventilated bathrooms for a long time, which can be said to be a hotbed of bacteria! Therefore, try not to dry the waffle microfiber beach towel manufacturer in the shade, let it be exposed to sunlight to have a sterilization effect, and there will be no strange smell.

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