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How to remove mildew on bath towels


In summer, the weather is sultry and humid, and if the bath towels are not cleaned in time, mildew will appear. Bath towels with mildew stains cannot be used. They may cause skin irritation at the slightest, and inflammation of the skin at the worst. The mood of everyone is too irritable, and the items at home will also have different degrees of mildew. How to remove them Mildew stains in wholesale bamboo animal printed microfiber hooded towel are the top priority. Today I will teach you some tips for removing mildew stains.

1. Use mung bean sprouts
Before washing, it should be exposed to the sun for a few hours, and then started to use a few mung bean teeth, rubbing repeatedly on the moldy spots, and then rinsed with water, the mold spots are removed, and then exposed for a few hours to be fine. There are more bacteria on used China printing bamboo hooded towel, and bacteria can only multiply at a certain humidity and a certain temperature, and the most suitable natural conditions for bacteria to multiply are high temperature and high humidity.

2. Washing rice water
Soak the China instant cooling magic cooling towel in the rice-washing water overnight, and then rub it a few times until there is no mildew before exposing it to the sun.

3. Alcohol
Clean it with a soft brush first, then rub it with alcohol to remove the mildew on the bath towel

4. Clean with salt
Sprinkle salt on the mildewed area on the bath towel, rub it vigorously, and then wash it with water to clean the sticky area on the super absorbent waffle microfiber beach towel

5. Add vinegar to clean
Put the bath towels in the washing machine, add white vinegar, soak in plain water, and turn the washing machine.

How to remove mildew on bath towels

Use the above techniques to remove mildew stains. After washing, wholesale microfiber sublimation printed sports towel must be exposed to the sun, and measures of dehumidification and ventilation must be done.

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