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How to Maintain the Towel?


Towels are multi-loop fabrics with many voids, it is easy to absorb dust and germs. It must be in close contact with our skin every day. The germs can easily invade people’s bodies and cause people to contract diseases. Let ’s talk with the microfiber wrapped children bathrobe bath towel dress quotation manufacturer about how the towels are maintained.

1. Microwave disinfection method. Clean the towel, fold it in the microwave, and run it for 5 minutes to achieve disinfection.

2. Steam disinfection method. Put the soft microfiber wrapped children bathrobe bath towel dress in the pressure cooker and keep it heated for about 30 minutes to kill most microorganisms.

How to Maintain the Towel?

3. Disinfectant disinfection method. The disinfectant can be selected as a 200-fold diluted disinfectant or 0.1% chlorhexidine. Soak the customized microfiber printed mandala round beach towel in the above solution for more than 15 minutes, then take out the towel and rinse it with clean water, remove the residual disinfectant, and dry it to use it again.

4. How the towel becomes soft. After using the towel for a period of time, due to the combination of free calcium and magnesium ions in the water and the soap, calcium, and magnesium soap is generated and adheres to the surface of the custom sublimation comfortable non-slip printed cotton towel, making the towel hard. At this time, you can add 30 grams of soda ash or an appropriate softener for 10 minutes in about 3 pounds of water.

5. How to remove the greasiness on the towel. Some people who love oil, the towels are often greasy, slippery, and after washing many times the effect is not very good, it is very annoying. It is recommended to soak and wash with concentrated brine and then rinse with water to make the comfortable non-slip custom sublimation printed cotton towel refresh.

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