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How to Identify The Quality of Towels


Towels are pure cotton towels exclusively used in hotel rooms, most of which are white with good texture. As one of the hotel linens, towels produced by sports instant cooling towel factories are now on the market with different advantages and disadvantages, and there are many kinds of patterns and even the behavior of pretending to be pure cotton containing polyester materials. Let customers know what to do when buying. Today, the editor briefly introduces how to identify the quality of towels?

1. Towel Raw Materials

The raw materials of towels directly determine the quality of absorbing the sweat microfiber cool sports towel price list, and the prices of different raw materials vary greatly. The raw material used for high-quality towels must be 100% pure cotton, and the cotton yarn must be 21 yarns, 21 yarns, 32 yarns, 32 yarns, or 40 yarns. The advantages of pure cotton towels are incomparable to other chemical fibers. How to judge whether the towel is pure cotton, test the following points:

1. Water absorption: Pure cotton towel has good water absorption. Take a pure cotton low price multicolor sports instant cooling towel and put it in the water. It will absorb water quickly and sink quickly. After removing it, wring it out and hang it vertically. It will be pure cotton without dripping.

2. Appearance: pure cotton towels have good whiteness, the towels are pure in color, and the polyester towels are dark in color

3. Combustion method: Take one fiber from each polyester cool sports towel supplier and burn it with a lighter. Pure cotton has a natural smell of ashes. After blowing out the extinguisher, the sparks will not go out, and the smoke will be slightly white. If it contains polyester, it will burn like plastic. The solid that burns quickly and has a peculiar smell. After blowing out the extinguisher, it will go out immediately.

4. Fluorescent agent method: Take a few fibers each and place them under purple light. The color that looks like banknotes is no doubt.

How to Identify The Quality of Towels

2. The Weight and Style of The Towel

The lighter the weight of a single towel, the better the style, which proves that the cotton yarn used is better. On the contrary, China’s polyester cool sports towel is very heavy, and the towel style is not good, such as short hair, shaggy hair, and thin. Prove that the quality of the cotton yarn is too poor

3. Appearance Defects

Good towels should be of different lengths, with neat hairs. The surface of the towel should be free of broken diameters, broken wefts, thin roads, dense roads, bald hairs, uneven piles, burrs, etc. This can be seen on the flat surface of the wholesale microfiber sports ice-cool magic towel or stretched out into the light. The pure cotton towel should be clean and tidy, free of remnants, and no residual thread.

4. Sewing Technology

The stitches should be beautiful, strong, and firm. The sewing thread should be the same color as the outdoor instant cooling microfiber ice cool towel factory price, and the stitch length should be 2-2.5 per cm. There should be no open feet, wrinkles, silk loops, floating threads, skipped stitches, etc.

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