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How to extend the service life of bath towels?


The hotel towel brand supplier tells you that washing bath towels correctly can extend their service life.

Healthy living comes from good habits. Some hotel purchase friends will find that their newly purchased bath towels will appear mysterious spots on the towels not long after they are used. It is suspected that the quality of the bath towels is defective. In fact, this is not the case. Improper use of bath towels can also cause spots to appear.

So how should bath towels be washed most appropriately?

Towel Fabric Shrinkage Phenomenon and Factors

1. Choose pure cotton bath towels
Follow the washing and care instructions given by our towel manufacturer.

2. Avoid excessive water temperature when washing bath towels
In the washing process, the temperature acts as a catalyst. As the temperature increases, the dissolution of the detergent is accelerated, the movement of active molecules is accelerated, the penetration force is strengthened, and the decontamination ability is improved. The setting of the washing temperature is related to the texture of the washed fabric, the color fastness, the type of dirt, and the use temperature of the detergent.

3. Choose a mild detergent
Avoid pouring detergent directly on the towel, otherwise, the remaining detergent liquid will change the color of the towel. Minimize the use of chlorine bleach.

4. Don’t use softener frequently
After using the fabric softener containing silicone resin, a layer of silicone oil will remain, which will affect the water absorption of the towel. It is recommended to avoid using it.

5. Bath towels are divided into dry use and wet use.
Whether it is dry cleaning or wet cleaning, it will wipe the skin grease, sweat, inorganic salt, and dust in the air onto the towel. Over time, the towel will harden, reduce its moisture absorption function, and be contaminated with bacteria and mold. Therefore, the wiped towels should be replaced, cleaned, and disinfected immediately.

The use of bath towels is not only clean and hygienic but also prolongs the service life of bath towels.

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