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How to Choose Towels


Professional towel manufacturers tell you that 90% of consumers should choose towels like this

Towels as small items are available in everyone’s home and everyone will use them every day. But after a period of investigation, it is found that many people do not know how to choose the right quality towels when buying towels. As a professional towel manufacturer, we tell you that 90% of consumers should choose towels this way.

1. Look at the terry
Everyone knows that towels are fabric products, so towels can also be said to have double-sided ring-shaped raised fabrics, and there are many raised loops on the surface of towels, which can be said to be the main symbol of towel quality. Towels of relatively good quality, all the loops in each square eye on the front and back will be more and longer, thick and soft, such towels will be easier to absorb and store water; and if the opposite of the above, then such towels Suggest not to choose.

2. Weight
This is easy to understand. Towels of good quality generally have a heavier weight; and towels of poor quality will have a lighter weight.

How To Choose Towels

3. Distinguish yarn
It is necessary to use yarn for weaving to produce towels produced by waffle microfiber beach towel manufacturer. The better the quality of the yarn, the higher the yarn count. At present, high-quality towels are usually made of 32 or 21 yarns; middle-grade towels are mostly woven with 21 or 20 yarns; low-grade towels are woven with 21 or 16 yarns. Our company has been producing towels for 10 years, and we also have our own customized production fabrics. The fabrics are woven with high-quality combed cotton yarn, which has few hairiness, good bar, high strength, and smooth velour. , The printing effect is more delicate and other advantages.

4. Feel soft and hard
The yarn used for towel production has the difference between cooked yarn and raw yarn. The cooked yarn is strong and durable, and the raw yarn is poor. So everyone should pay attention when choosing, but at other times you can use your hands to touch it. The cooked yarn feels softer and the raw yarn feels harder. Of course, if you can’t tell the difference, you can directly look at the water absorption of the towel to make a distinction. This does not need to put all the China instant cooling relief cool towel in the water. You can take a small amount of water and gradually drop it into the towel. If it can be absorbed immediately, it is a better cooked yarn, otherwise it is raw yarn.

5. Weaving fine
Lay the towel flat, then look directly at the sunlight to see if the towel has some warp, weft break, open bottom, brushed, thin seam, jump stitch and other weaving problems, as well as any color bleeding and rust stains , Stains, printing materials and blurry appearance defects. If not, it means that the quality of the towel is relatively high, but if it shows that the quality still has some problems.

Current towel manufacturers generally conduct inspections after production is completed, and those with quality problems are generally selected.

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