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How to choose the ink used for digital printing towels?


What is printing? Printing is actually wetting. First, the ink contacts the substrate, then the ink is dynamically phased on the substrate, and finally, the ink, the substrate, and the external environment reach a certain balance.

But how to control this balance is critical to the production of wholesale microfiber sublimation printed sports towels.

Just like the current digital printing towels, you need to choose high-quality inks to meet production needs, and use high-quality inks to produce excellent printed products.

Do you know what kind of ink can be called good ink?
1. Good fluency and stability of ink quality
2. Has excellent color and colorfastness
3. Has good storage stability
4. The composition of the ink is more friendly to the environment and the print head

Satisfying these 4 points can be called good ink. Another point of our company’s choice of ink for digital printing is that it needs to be able to save energy and reduce emissions. So that everyone can use it with confidence.

How to choose the ink used for digital printing towels?

And want to produce good ink, nothing more than the following three points:
1. Good raw materials
2. Good formula
3. Strict control of quality in the production process.
Procurement of high-quality dye, ink production is half the battle.

When choosing ink in the field of sports microfiber instant cooling magic cooling towel free sample, you will consider colorfastness and coloring rate. If you buy a digital printing towel and use it at home, it will fade every time it is immersed in water. You will feel relieved. Use it? And if the coloring rate of the ink is poor, then the color you want is always lighter, and it always looks a little less interesting. Would you like this kind of towel? But if you use high-quality ink, there will be no such problem.

In addition, our digital printing machine adopts an imported high-speed digital printing machine, which is also equipped with high-precision Japanese Starlight and Seiko nozzles. The requirements for printing ink are also very high. If it is a poor quality ink, directly It will damage the digital printing machine and the print head.

Therefore, the inks used by our company have always been high-quality inks, which not only have a high color rate but also have strong color fastness, which can be used with confidence even for babies or pregnant women.

Some people may think that the price of current digital printing products is not too cheap. In fact, for current high-end digital printing, customized products are already much lower than before. Another point is that digital printing customization is worth so much money.

For the quality of the products and for the safety of everyone, we do our best to do our best. For the production of microfiber instant cooling sports towel free sample, Jiangsu is not a lazy person.

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