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How to avoid the infection of hotel towels?


Traveling, traveling, and going to other places always need to stay in a hotel. But when staying in a hotel outside, safety is one aspect, and hygiene is also one aspect. Some time ago, wiping all the towels in the hotel also made everyone more afraid of the sanitation of the hotel. Are the hotel towels useful? We, Jiangsu Bularen Textile Co., Ltd., will tell you some ways to go out and stay in hotels.

The bed sheets, towels, and bath towels in the hotel are all strictly disinfected, at least as stipulated. However, there are always some low-quality employees who disinfect at will or directly reduce a few steps for convenience and trouble-shooting. So we really don’t know what the rewind is actually like. So in this case, will the disease be contagious? We, Jiangsu Bularen Textile Co., Ltd. tell you that the risk of disease transmission is still relatively low overall, and we must pay attention to the following points.

When staying in a hotel, remember not to touch the sheets directly or sleep naked.
Also, remember to bring towels when you are on a business trip. Using hotel towels or bath towels is always a risk.
Another point is not to wear public non-disposable slippers.
Although the overall risk and efficiency of the spread of these diseases are indeed not high, we should still pay attention.

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