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How is the face towel woven?


There are many towels on the market. Every day, people discuss the quality of towels. Because face towels are daily necessities that need to be used every day. Instead of discussing the quality of face towels, it’s better to understand from the roots how face towels are woven. ? Today, towel manufacturers will give everyone a popular look.

difference between the different processes of cotton towels

1. The manufacturer adopts pure cotton imported raw yarn, and it needs to be dyed if it needs to be dyed. Some need to rewind.

2. Warping of pure cotton yarn, also called wheel axle.

3. Weaving, after warping, the thread strength is not enough and always breaks, but also needs to be sizing, generally, a single yarn needs to be sizing.

4. The face towel is bleached and dyed. The woven product is called a grey comfortable cartoon style microfiber children hooded towel factory price. It should be bleached and dyed, including dyeing, water absorption, softening, and whitening.

5. After the face wash towel comes back, sewing and finish, including sewing and finishing. Sewing includes running (large) side and blocking horizontal head, car logo. Finishing includes sorting and grading, first-class products are directly packaged and put into storage, second-class products that can be repaired are repaired into first-class products and then put into storage, those that cannot be repaired but have a little quality impact are second-class, and there are serious quality problems that cannot be improved It is a defective product.

6. The face towels are packaged and put into the warehouse and put into the warehouse separately according to the item number and color.

7. Shipment of face towel products.

A complete wash towel production process is over!

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