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During the Rainy Season, Watch Out Your Towels


Rain in the yellow plum season, frogs everywhere in the grass pond.

With the opening of the rainy season recently, the hot and humid weather officially opened in these few days. Continuous rainy weather, increasing humidity, feeling wet all over, from China microfiber magic cooling towel and bath towels to changing clothes; moldy furniture to damp household appliances; spoiled food to excessive body moisture, It’s all because of the rainy season.

So it also shows that Mei Yu has a great influence on our lives. A lot of rain prepared last week. Light rain, moderate rain, heavy rain, thunderstorm, and heavy rain have never stopped.

During the rainy season, it is wet all day. Everyone will feel uncomfortable, so it is still very important to master some moisture-proof tips during the rainy season.

According to the survey reality, the Meiyu season is more likely to cause symptoms such as nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, and eye or skin inflammation. Because the rainy season will be easier to breed mold, mold will contact our body through a series of media, causing some large or small effects.

Studies have shown that the most suitable humidity range for the human body is 40%-60%, and the humidity in the rainy season usually reaches more than 80%. In fact, for regions deeply affected by the rainy season, dehumidification becoming a top priority.

During The Rainy Season, Watch Out Your Towels

How to carry out the dehumidification operation?

1. Newspaper dehumidification, cost-effective

Lay the old newspaper on the floor and the ceramic tiles in the bathroom. Spread two more layers in places where it is easy to get wet, such as entrances and exits, which has a good effect of moisture absorption and moisture prevention in the room.

2. Seal moisture-proof

We must seal some precision instruments at home, such as camera lenses, watches, etc. Bedding and clothing not used in the home should also be sealed with bags to prevent mildew and moisture.

3. Air conditioner dehumidification turned on

Air conditioner dehumidification is the most common and simplest dehumidification method. Of course, in addition to air conditioners, you can still buy air dehumidifiers and desiccants to play a dehumidifying role.

In fact, the main reason for dehumidification during the rainy season is to reduce the growth of mold. The humid environment of bacteria is a paradise for it.

For clothes, although it is difficult to dry in the rainy season, the number of bacteria on the clothes will be effectively controlled after washing. However, the multicolor sports instant cooling towel free sample and bath towels that we are in close contact with every day do not have this treatment.

Everyone uses towels and bath towels every day but hangs them directly after use. Few people think about washing the towels and bath towels they use.

Towels, bath towels, and other small essential things in life are in direct contact with our skin. If their hygiene is not up to standard, it will have a greater or lesser impact on our health.

How to use towels/bath towels healthily?

1. Special towel

Towels/bath towels must be used exclusively for microfiber ice cool towel suppliers. For example, your towel is for washing your face, then your towel is just for washing your face, don’t use it to wipe other places. If a towel wipes the face, body, feet, or private parts, it can easily cause cross-infection. (Something like beriberi on your face will also happen.)

2. Dedicated

In addition, towels/bath towels should be used exclusively by the person when using them. You can only use your own towels/bath towels by yourself. Do not use them for others or use others’ towels/bath towels. This is good for yourself and others.

3. Regular cleaning and disinfection

We must clean and disinfect China’s microfiber ice cool towel once a week. When cleaning/disinfecting, you can use salt water, white vinegar, detergent to clean/disinfect. Or you can put the towel in boiling water and soak for more than 10 minutes, then wring it out to dry it. We need to clean/disinfect the towels more frequently because it has a larger area and absorbs a lot of water, so bacteria can grow faster and odors are more likely to occur. Therefore, we recommend to wash/disinfect the towels once after using them twice.

4. Replace every 3-4 months

Many towels are reluctant to be changed, and they will last for a long time. But after 3 months of use, they should be replaced no matter how well you clean, disinfect, and maintain. The number of bacteria on the towel produced by the ice towel factory after 3 months of use has reached hundreds of thousands, and there is no way to reduce it without replacement, so it is right to change. (If the towel never cleaned or disinfected, the number of bacteria on it will reach millions after 3 months.)

5. Don’t buy inferior towels

Everyone must not buy low-quality towels when they are enough to buy towels produced by ice-cool towel manufacturer and must choose high-quality towels. You can choose by fabric (choose cotton), smell (poor smell of poor quality printed towels), weight (heavier ones are not too bad), brand (big brands are guaranteed)…


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