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Digital printing will wait and see in the next five years


Five-year planning, in fact, in various industries, they like to take a five-year plan for a company or a certain industry for a period of time. And to rise to the national perspective is to take five years as the planning time for a certain stage.

Haven’t you been telling you about the golden five years of digital printing technology some time ago?
In the past few years, the development of digital printing has indeed been very rapid. Every year, the market share of digital printing has increased very fast, and the growth rate is also increasing year by year. The annual development is indeed very good.

In fact, in addition to the improvement of technology for digital printing, there is also the fact that the country is paying more and more attention to digital printing, and the development of digital printing is also getting better and better under such an environment.

Everyone knows that environmental protection has been strictly inspected in recent years. Because traditional printing produces more pollution, many companies have also been closed under the circumstances of strict environmental protection inspections. In this case, many companies are also moving towards digital printing technology. Due to the transformation, more and more digital printing manufacturers are also changing. In addition, under the influence of this year’s epidemic, because traditional printing workers cannot arrive normally, the production of traditional printing has also been greatly affected, so many traditional printing manufacturers It is also thinking about the transformation to digital printing, so in fact, the number of digital printing manufacturers has been increasing during the period of the epidemic. According to statistics, the current number of computers is nearly 30,000, and this number is still growing.

Compared with traditional printing, the country is also paying more and more attention to digital printing. The Internet of Things, private customization, big data, etc. are all displayed in different degrees in digital printing technology. Nowadays, many companies have perfectly combined some new technologies with printing technology. Advanced digital printing technology can also be said to have developed vividly.

Our company is actually one of the manufacturers that started to introduce digital printing technology earlier. From the beginning of the introduction, it was actually optimistic about the later development of digital printing technology. I believe that digital printing will continue to develop. It seems that the vision at the time is also very good. Not bad. Now our company will use digital printing technology to produce custom towels for concerts, custom towels for ball games, custom towels for hip-hop and rap, custom towels for fans, custom towels for school commemoratives, and custom towels for corporate events…Because of the exquisite printing, it also attracts a large number of consumers. Favorite.

In the last five years, the development of digital printing can be said to be very good. At the beginning of the next five years, I believe that it will become even more outstanding.

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