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Digital printing is the future development trend


The year 2020 can be said to be a very unusual year for everyone. The epidemic at the beginning of the year brought a very serious blow to everyone, and the surge in domestic orders after the epidemic was brought under control has brought hope to everyone.

For example, in the printing industry, many printing companies are facing the crisis of suspending production due to the epidemic, and many companies have struggled to transition during that period. However, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the control of the domestic epidemic, the sharp increase in domestic orders has also made the current printing industry see the light, of course, the competition has become more and more fierce during this period.

I remember that when the epidemic broke out before because the reduction of foreign orders also caused major changes in the entire domestic manufacturers, many manufacturers also targeted the domestic market at that time. Now although the domestic epidemic is well controlled, The development and competition in the domestic market have not diminished much.

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Now that they have experienced the epidemic, many traditional printing companies have also learned how much the inability of personnel to work in such a situation will affect traditional printing production. Therefore, since the beginning of the epidemic, there have been many traditional printing companies. Transformation towards digital printing technology. Up to now, many traditional printing companies have successfully transformed to digital printing technology, and the market share of digital printing is also increasing rapidly.

In addition, now everyone’s life is getting better and better, so consumers’ pursuit of quality of life is constantly improving. Now everyone likes fast fashion, and what they like is personalized customization. Traditional printing can no longer meet the needs of many consumers at this stage.

And now the advantages of digital printing compared with traditional printing are very obvious:
● Digital printing does not require plate making, short proofing time, and low price
● Digital printing MOQ is low
● Digital printing products have higher precision and better results
● Digital printing production cycle is short and faster
● Digital printing is more intelligent

Therefore, the current digital printing can also be said to be complementary to the current consumer market and perfectly adapted to the current consumer market.

It’s just that there are more and more companies, but the level of companies is also uneven. Choosing an excellent company is a very important thing.

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