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Digital printing creates the peak value of towels



Good looks, good-looking, beautiful, these are what consumers are now pursuing.

The decoration of the house should be exquisite, the jewelry should be worn properly, and the food should be well-presented. All these are actually prepared for the sake of beauty.

Nowadays, it is not only on large items but also on the small objects in life. Everyone has more and more requirements for appearance, including the towel products that everyone uses every day.
Everyone’s impression of towels is that this is a small life object that is used to wipe your face and body. Many years ago, everyone felt that it was a normal life object and did not pay much attention to it.

But now it is different. With the advent of printed towel customization, towels are not just ordinary small objects of life, towels produced by sublimation printing towel factories have become a kind of exquisite small objects of life that can be customized with patterns.

From the emergence of traditional printing to the current development of digital printing, the development of printed custom towels can be said to be more advanced, and the quality of products has become more and more refined.

Digital Printing Creates The Peak Value Of Towels

Leaving aside traditional printing, the development of digital printing in recent years can be said to have developed faster and faster, and the development of the first golden five years has made the development of digital printing technology faster and faster, and the technology has also changed more and more. With more and more perfect, the market share of the product has also increased a lot in the past 5 years.

For example, our company actually started to introduce digital printing technology five years ago. When it was first introduced, it was actually quite anxious because the investment was indeed relatively large. If the market fails to develop, it will be more dangerous, but fortunately, digital The development of printing is almost as we imagined. When digital printing technology was introduced at that time, it was also optimistic about the later development of digital printing. Now it seems that the choice at that time was relatively correct.

In the previous article, I also said to you that during the epidemic, many employees were unable to arrive on time, which also caused many companies engaged in traditional printing production to be unable to deliver on time within the delivery time. Because traditional printing companies require more manpower, many traditional printing companies have begun to switch to digital printing, because the production of digital printing has become more intelligent than traditional printing, and the requirements for manpower have also changed. Less, the production becomes more intelligent and faster.

Of course, the most attractive thing about digital printing is that it has unlimited customization capabilities. There are no pattern restrictions, no color registration restrictions, as long as the width of the door is suitable and there are no restrictions on the size, and the printing effect produced is so great. , Not only in ball games, concerts, fan support, school celebrations, corporate annual meetings, and even the background wall of the boss’s office, you can use digital printing technology for custom production, and give you as high as you want.

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