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The Development of Digital Printing


In 2012, it was ready to be introduced after knowing digital printing. But at that time, there were very few people who were optimistic about digital printing. Many people felt that digital printing could not surpass traditional printing, but now the market development of digital printing is obvious to all.

Why is digital printing so popular with consumers?
Those who have seen digital printing products and traditional printing products should know that the precision of digital printing products is very very high, which can reach 1440dpi or even 2880dpi. The reactive printing is unable to meet the needs of some consumers.

Have you noticed that more and more people are now starting to make customized products, not only for publicity or gifting but also for personal use?
Someone may have doubts?
Can’t traditional printing make customized products?

Development of Digital Printing

Traditional printing can of course be customized, but it has a great limit. The limitations of patterns and color registration directly limit its customized production capacity.

But digital printing is different. The production of digital printing is not limited by patterns and color registration. It does not require plate making. It directly imports the design draft into the computer and produces it directly on the fabric. The colors can be directly matched with millions of colors, which can be said to meet all the color needs.

In addition, proofing production is relatively long for reactive printing, which is actually a bit different from the fast fashion in the current society. It shows that traditional printing is not able to keep up with the pace of modern society.

Compared with the beginning, the current digital printing technology development is not a little bit. Not only has good cost control, but also have been great changes in the printing process. Both the speed and the quality of the printing are greatly improved.

In fact, traditional printing technology in some countries is almost going to be eliminated now. Because the timeliness of traditional printing and the capacity of printing have already gaped with the current social development. It cannot meet modern social development and consumption demand.

The development of digital printing is constantly changing and improving. Its market share is constantly increasing and its loyal users are also constantly increasing.

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