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Designer: I really like digital printing


I received an order for digital printing towels two days ago, because the communication problem of the picture printing was also communicated with the pattern designer on the client’s side.
In the communication, the designer said that he really likes digital printing technology.
He said that because the company received some printing lists, but before, he basically used traditional printing technology for printing production. Therefore, as a designer, he actually paid great attention to the pattern of the design when designing, because traditional printing There are restrictions on the color registration and the pattern, so he must also take into account the technical reasons in his design, and he must carry out a restricted design. He said that under the same circumstances, he actually designed things that he didn’t like very often, and he also designed things that are very restrained.
However, this time it is said that digital printing technology is used, and there are no restrictions, so the design this time is also very smooth and very comfortable.
Now because of the development of digital printing technology and the continuous increase of manufacturers, the current digital printing market is constantly increasing, so many customers have begun to choose digital printing technology for production operations. However, the increase in orders also makes digital printing manufacturers face challenges.
Can the machine speed keep up;
Can the product quality be guaranteed;
These two most important points also make many manufacturers face great difficulties.
Nowadays, many manufacturers can say that they have introduced digital printing technology for a short period of time, so in terms of production, they are actually unable to achieve stable mass production, quality, quantity, and time production.
At this time, you need to find a manufacturer that can stabilize mass production and can maintain quality, quantity and time for production. In addition, many manufacturers also want to improve their own quality and production capacity under such circumstances.
Digital printing can be said to be the current direction of printing development. I hope everyone can make digital printing technology better and better.

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