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Customer: Your digital printed towels just need to be printed on a machine…


Some time ago, a salesperson of our company told me that the customer expressed dissatisfaction with him because of the higher price when the customer inquired.

The customer’s original words are like this: “Your digital printed towels are just printed on a machine. How can the price be so high? Look at those active MOQs that are a bit higher, but the price is lower. so many.”

Sales followed by a good explanation.

In fact, we often encounter such things. Although there are more and more digital printing technology products, more and more consumers will come into contact with digital printing towels, but there are really not many who really understand digital printing technology.

In fact, when it comes to digital printing, the development of digital printing in recent years has indeed been very rapid, especially in the last 5 years, which is definitely the golden 5 years with the fastest development of digital printing. But even if the development speed is very fast, the market share is also growing very fast, everyone’s understanding of digital printing is still relatively one-sided.

Digital printing is actually printing using digital technology. As the most advanced printing technology nowadays, it not only can perfectly display delicate printing, but also has the advantages of environmental protection and private customization. In contrast, the traditional printing business model of high consumption, high pollution, high emissions, and low value-added has gradually reduced the market share.

Why is there such a big gap between the price of digital printing and traditional printing?

1. Large investment in digital printing (digital printing machine, print head, ink…)

If you want to produce digital printing products, a digital printing machine is an indispensable part.

Just like our company’s digital printing machine, there are currently two advanced high-speed digital printing machines, one of the most advanced domestic high-speed digital direct-injection printing machine worth 2.2 million yuan, 8 colors 32 Japan Starlight 1024 print heads, the speed can be Up to 150 meters per hour; one is a zimmer-Coaris3 high-speed digital printing machine worth 6.5 million imported from Austria, 8 colors and 64 Japanese Seiko print heads, and the speed can reach 240 meters per hour. So you can rest assured in terms of production capacity. We can respond to orders promptly and quickly. And the ink we use is environmentally friendly, so you can use it with confidence.

2. Fabric customization

The fabrics of digital printing products require custom production cut pile sizing treatment.

The digital printing fabrics of our company are woven with high-quality combed cotton yarn, which has the advantages of less hairiness, good bar, high strength, smooth suede and more delicate printing effect. There are mainly two specific specifications: 1. Combed wool yarn with 21 single yarns, combed bottom warp with 40 threads, and weighs 400 square grams; 2. The bottom warp of wool yarns are combed cotton 40 threads with two weights of 400 and 450 square grams. . The first fabric is cost-effective, and 90% of customers choose this fabric. The second fabric has neater loops and a higher grade, which is suitable for more high-end products. The price is generally 15% more expensive than the first fabric. The printing effect is not much different between the two.

3. Many production steps

The production of digital printing products is really not just a machine printing.

The production steps of our digital printed towels are generally as follows: fabric weaving-sizing and setting-inkjet printing-steaming-washing-drying-cutting-sewing-inspection-first needle inspection-packaging-second needle inspection-installation box.

Every step must be strictly controlled, and every step must be taken seriously, so as to ensure the best quality from production to packing.

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