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Craft varieties of cotton towels


Whenever you hear about cotton towels, everyone knows that cotton towels have good water absorption and high wear resistance, and are very popular among the public. But how many people know the types of cotton towels? Today, I will give you a general introduction to these towel crafts.

Spiral towel: Spiral towel is also called high-pile, that is, in the process of processing, the single loop of the product is lengthened to one or more times of the ordinary loop to increase the thickness of the finished product because the elongated loop is lying on the surface. The softness is also increased appropriately, and good water absorption is the characteristic of spiral towel products.

Towel Fabric Shrinkage Phenomenon and Factors

Cut pile cotton towels: cut the loops of ordinary cotton towels, so that the surface of the fabric is covered with smooth piles. Cut pile towels can be cut pile on both sides; it can also be cut pile on one side, and the other side is still hairy. ring. Cut pile towels are characterized by softness and comfort. If printing after cutting the pile, it can increase the decorative beauty of the towel and improve the product quality.

Satin cotton towel: a very decorative cotton towel fabric. A section of satin patterned horizontal stripes are woven at the two ends of the towel near the plain weave loops to enhance the beauty of the cotton towel fabric. The embossed part may be formed by the warp and float threads or may be formed by the weft and float threads.

Jacquard towel: the pattern is formed by jacquard weave, the image is vivid and the texture is firm. There are two types: flat jacquard and concave jacquard. The former uses the color yarn distribution of the loops to create patterns; the latter uses undulating weaves to form patterns; it is also possible to use a variety of colored raised yarns to create various monochromatic and mixed color loops, which are configured into several colors.

Pure cotton towels can have a variety of different styles, such as spiral, cut pile, plain color, printing, and satin files, satin edges, embroideries, and other techniques. Such pure cotton towels are generally made of exquisite materials, high-quality, coupled with fine seam, horizontal and vertical, just right trademark sewing, and so on!

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