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Cotton Digital Printed Towel


A netizen sent us a screenshot this morning.

What is written above is that a company said that the price of a single piece of comfortable cartoon style microfiber children hooded towel factory price produced by itself is only 5 yuan/piece, and it is only the starting price.

In fact, I was really surprised to see this screenshot, but when I think about it later, it doesn’t seem strange that such a price will appear in the current market.

The editor told you before that the current digital printing market is actually because of a kind of competition among many companies, the market prices are also varied, high and low, and the quality is also uneven.

Because more and more companies have introduced digital printing technology in the current market, but the market is so big, so if you want to get a piece of the pie in the same market, you must come up with points that can attract customers, so many Manufacturers will use their brains on prices, which will cause the current market price problem to become high and low, and the market will become chaotic.

Cotton Digital Printed Towel

In addition, during this year’s epidemic, more and more traditional printing companies began to transform into digital printing companies. With more and more digital printing companies nowadays, the competition in the market is becoming more and more fierce. If you want to gain market share, you don’t need to make a point.

However, as a newly introduced technology company, it is almost impossible to directly achieve or surpass the quality of companies with many years of production experience.

Before, a company that had just introduced digital printing came to our company to ask if it could directly produce high-quality products after introducing the machine.

I can tell everyone here that it is simply impossible to produce high-quality products as soon as the digital printing machine is introduced. The special thing about the machine is that these sophisticated machines need a period of installation and debugging after the introduction. As for stable mass production, it takes a long time to accumulate production and adjust all aspects of the machine in production to achieve a comparison. Stable production status and stable production is the first step to produce high-quality products.

Of course, those who have not been exposed to digital printing may not know that there are many steps required for digital printing products. Let me show you the production steps of our company’s cotton digital printing towel produced by reactive printed beach towel factory: fabric weaving-sizing and setting-inkjet printing-steaming-washing-drying-cutting-sewing-inspection-first needle inspection-packaging-second inspection Needle-packing.

It seems to be very simple, but only those who have experienced it will know that each step is very important. As long as there is a problem in one step, it will have a great impact on the quality of the entire product, so every step in the production is also all needs to be controlled.

And if you come across a merchant with a very low and low price, and they say you are offering high-quality products, you must be aware that the quality of such large-scale products from such manufacturers will definitely surprise you.

The cost of high-quality products on the market is much higher. The price is so low that it is impossible. Is it possible to do charity if a business is not profitable?

Our company has been producing all-cotton digital printing steadily for many years and has accumulated many domestic and foreign customers. Everyone is very satisfied with our products. Interested customers can contact us.

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