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Control Method Of The Smell Of The Digital Printed Towels


Answer the customer’s question: Why does my new digital printed towel production line smell, but yours does not? Is there any control method?

This customer has his own traditional printing factory. But they have orders of complicated patterns which traditional printing can not make. So he found us and hoped to produce products through our digital printing technology.

Digital printing has no limit to design or colors. It can be a small order or a complicated design order. After receiving the product, the customer is very satisfied with the towel produced by promotional beach towel manufacturer quality and he will cooperate with us more often.

Last year, the customer felt that the development of traditional printing was much worse than before. Also, the orders they received were getting fewer. Due to the impact of the virus at the beginning of this year, most of the industries have been hit hard. He also wanted to upgrade his enterprise during this period. The upgrade is to upgrade the traditional printing to digital printing.

As a partner, when he talks about this, we also told him our own experience. Yesterday he came to ask us: the towels produced by his new digital printing towel from custom beach towels factory production line have a bad odor. Is there anything Control Method?

Control Method Of The Smell Of The Digital Printed Towels

In fact, the odor of digital printing products is generally caused by the following aspects:

1. The simplest reason is the ink used.
Mainly due to the irritating smell of the ink (from its own raw materials), such as monomer diluent, low molecular weight initiator, a resin binder, etc.  Under certain conditions, it will slowly release an irritating odor. But if printing with poor quality ink, it fails to meet the requirements of green production. Of course, this kind of ink is harmful to people. So don’t use inferior inks to save costs, it will only harm others.

2. Substrates of different materials will be affected by the environment.
Will crack out related chemical substances, producing an irritating odor. In general, the inventory time should not be too long and the warehouse should be kept in a ventilated state.

3. In the process of printing, the ink is cured by LED ultraviolet light.
The LED ultraviolet light curing lamp will produce slight ozone during the irradiation. The ultraviolet light generated by the curing device has a wavelength range of 200 to 425 nm. Among them, short-wave ultraviolet light below 275nm is in contact with oxygen in the air. It is easy to produce ozone and is a major source of the irritating odor. These zones often cannot decompose on their own and will not only float in the air but also remain on the surface of the printed product (the printed product is adsorbed and will retain some of the odor). This taste is relatively light, and the amount is small, generally can not smell, this is one of the reasons for the smell of digital printing.

Therefore, a series of steps such as washing and fixing digital printing in the back can never be omitted. In order to produce high-quality products suitable for consumers, we need to take care of every step.

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