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Classification of Pure Cotton Towels


As the name implies, cotton towels are woven with 100% cotton yarn as raw materials. They mainly have strong water absorption, soft hand feeling, low static electricity, warmth, and heat resistance, and are relatively cheap and resistant to cleaning. When many consumers buy cotton microfiber wrapped children bathrobe bath towel dress quotation, they feel that the towels look the same, but the price is much different. Let’s take a look at the cotton towels with Shenzhen Color Textile Technology Co., Ltd:

In terms of yarn count, 21 yarns or 32 yarns are generally used as the main material. The smaller the number of yarns, the thicker the yarn, which is relatively cheap. In addition, generally weaving soft microfiber wrapped children bathrobe bath towel dress will use one yarn, but there is another way to use two yarns to re-weave, we will call double strands. This kind of weave will double the sense of solidity in the feel, and the price will be higher compared to the original.

Classification of Pure Cotton Towels

1. Spiral towel
Spiral towels are also called high terry, that is, during processing, the single terry of the product is lengthened to one or more times of the ordinary terry to increase the thickness of the finished product, because the extended terry is lying on the surface, and its softness is used. Also, increase appropriately, good water absorption is the characteristic of spiral customized microfiber printed mandala round beach towel products.

2. Cut pile towels
Cut the piles of ordinary cotton towels to make the surface of the fabric covered with flat piles. The cut pile towels can be cut on both sides; they can also be cut on one side and the other side is still piles. Cut velvet towels are soft and comfortable to use. Such as printing after cutting the pile, it can increase the decorative beauty of the custom sublimation comfortable non-slip printed cotton towel, and improve the product grade.

3. Satin cotton towel
Very decorative cotton towel fabric. At the two ends of the comfortable non-slip custom sublimation printed cotton towel close to the plain weave section, weave a section of satin-textured horizontal strips to enhance the beauty of the pure cotton towel fabric. The flower-raising portion may be formed by a warp float line or a weft float line.

4. Jacquard towel
The jacquard tissue is used to form the pattern, with vivid image and firm texture. There are two kinds of flat jacquard and concave jacquard. The former is patterned by the colored yarn distribution of the piles; the latter uses the undulating structure to form the pattern; it can also use a variety of colored raised yarns to weave a variety of single-color and mixed-color piles, which are configured into several colors.

There are many styles of pure cotton towels produced by microfiber printed yoga towel manufacturer, common ones are spiral, cut velvet, plain color, printing, and can also add a variety of technical means such as a satin file, satin edge, embroidery. Such towels are generally made of exquisite materials, high quality, plus fine seams, horizontal and vertical, just right trademark sewing, etc., is the best choice for towels!

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