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Changes In The Printing Industry


Changes in the printing industry – the role of digital printing can be larger

In fact, from the past few years, the development of digital printing is obvious in the entire printing industry. In a short period of time, the market share has grown at a very fast rate.
Why do we say it in a short time?

In fact, this is very simple. Digital printing has been in the country for many years, but because the initial technology of digital printing is not very perfect and the cost is very high. In addition to economic development many years ago, everyone is busy living and even no time to enjoy life, so the development of digital printing has been very slow.

In recent years, digital printing technology improved a lot, and costs getting lower. With the improvement of the economic level, more and more consumers like customized products and the concept of fast fashion life have also appeared. It comes to a golden age.

Changes In The Printing Industry

Although traditional printing is still the leading role, the proportion of digital printing is higher every year and faster every year.
Five years ago, in 2015, the global sales of digital printing machines directly exceeded 10,000 units. More and more companies began to introduce digital printing technology, and more and more orders began to choose digital printing.

However the sales are increasing, in the early stages of development, many customers still did not accept direct-injection digital printing products. The reason is very simple, that is cost issues. From water, electricity, operators, ink, to fabric subsequent processing and service costs, etc. The cost of a digital printing machine is at least twice than of traditional production methods.
Despite this, the revenue of digital printing is also very considerable in the future trend. Compared with traditional printing, it has more high value-added revenue advantages:

1. Reduced labor costs
In the production of traditional printing machines, there are many manual execution links, which require more labor to operate. The current digital direct printing machine only needs to be watched by the production technician.

2. No plate-making cost
Traditional printing requires plate-making in production, so it will take a long time and cost a lot. However, with the help of digital direct printing, we can print the pattern on the fabric through the nozzle directly, without the traditional plate-making process. This not only saves time for proofing and plate making but also saves the cost of plate making.

3. The service life of the nozzle is longer
The print heads of digital printing machines are basically high-end print heads, which not only have a good effect but also will last longer. Moreover, the current number of nozzles are equipped with nozzle loss prevention devices and intelligent system monitoring technology, so the nozzles can also be monitored from time to time.

4. Fast production time
Now the demand for quick response in the market is increasing day by day. It accelerates the development of digital printing for better products and more quantities in a shorter time. Moreover, more and more customers are now able to accept higher costs for faster delivery, such as 3 days or one week, instead of the traditional one week or even a month.

The transformation of the printing industry is just around the corner, and digital printing is definitely the most dazzling star.

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