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Can digital printing surpass Big Brother’s traditional printing?


Traditional printing
Traditional printing is actually divided into many types. Among them, manual printing, flat screen printing, direct printing, discharge printing, anti-dye printing, rotary screen printing, etc. can all be called traditional printing. Among them, there is a consensus that traditional printing requires plate making. operating. The more common ones are rotary screen printing and flat-screen printing.

As mentioned earlier, because of the need to make a plate, the cost of proofing will be higher, and it will take more time. If the manuscript needs to be revised later, it will need to be re-made, not only the time will be longer, but also need to pay the money for plate making again, and the cost is relatively high.

In addition, traditional printing has restrictions on the color and pattern, so if it is a pattern with more colors, it will not be able to print the required color, and the MOQ of traditional printing is relatively large, and the number of traditional printing technology is relatively small. It’s not suitable anymore.

Can digital printing surpass Big Brother's traditional printing

Digital printing
Digital printing is actually a printing technology using digital technology. Now digital printing is mainly digital direct-injection printing technology and digital thermal transfer printing technology.

The proofing of digital printing technology is relatively simple. It only requires the designer to send the customized printing pattern to the factory. The factory designer can import the printing system in the computer after toning and typesetting to print on the machine. Compared with plate making, the cost of proofing is much cheaper. If you need to modify the pattern for design reasons in a later period, you only need to use the drawing software to modify the pattern and then import it into the system for printing, which saves money and time.

Of course, there is another point that the design is colorful and the colors are also various. If the color registration is limited, it will affect the overall effect. The production of digital printing, which is different from traditional printing, is not restricted by color registration and pattern, so it is more in line with the concept of custom production in custom production.

Moreover, the current consumer’s concept is generally fast fashion, so in fact, the number of orders is not very large in many cases, and the MOQ of traditional printing is relatively high, and ordinary orders are not suitable. Digital printing is more convenient to customize and time is faster, so there is no limit on the MOQ.

The development of digital printing in the past few years can be said to be exceptionally rapid. It can be said that the printing field is booming, and the market share is also constantly increasing. It should only be a matter of time before digital printing as a “back wave” catches up with the traditional printing of Big Brother.

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