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Busy Man Jacquard Towel


Product Introduction

We supply custom cotton velour jacquard beach towel and other kinds of towels including bath towel, face towel, hand towel, tea towels, and so on.

The beach towel is made of cotton which is very soft, smooth, and harmless. The fabric also has good water absorption. It is a three-color jacquard, very beautiful. It’s suitable for all ages whether adults or kids.

jacquard towel


You can carry the beach towel to the seaside. Lie on it to have a rest when tired. It also can be carried to the bathroom or hotel.

The China printed microfiber beach towel is made of upper cotton which is very soft, environmental, and breathes freely.

The front side is velour which has a very soft touch feeling and printed with environmental dye to make design vividly.

The backside is terry which is fluffy and soft.

The edge is smooth neat sewing and stitches are close and clean.

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