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Busy Man Chinese Style Beach Towel


What is Chinese Style Beach Towel

The beach towel is cotton made. The red Chinese style beach towel looks very warm and the fish jumping has nice meaning what means something good will happen. You can give the beach towel to your friends as a gift if he will have a test or he is in trouble.

You can carry the customized 100% cotton design OEM printed round beach towel to the seaside. Lie on it to have a rest when tired. It also can be carried to the bathroom or hotel.

chinese style beach towel


The beach towel is made of upper cotton which is very soft, breathes freely, and has good water absorption.

The front side is the ethnic style redfish pattern which is digitally printed, very clear, and bright in color. It is velour which makes it has a very soft touch feeling.

This is the backside.

You can see the edge is smooth neat sewing, we pay attention to every detail.

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