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Bath Towel

Color Textile is a professional 100% cotton hot promotional bath towel supplier, supply bath towel factory price, welcome to consult wholesale 100% cotton hot promotional bath towel quotation. The active printed bath towel is made of custom fabrics, and the eco-friendly fabric is used for production printing. The printing effect is outstanding and the cleaning degree is very good. The bath towel has very good water absorption and is very comfortable to use.

Features of Bath Towel

1. Not limited to order quantity, not limited to flower type, unlimited color, unlimited size
2. Unique fabric quality, using high quality raw materials and advanced weaving process
3. Advanced production technology, high color fastness, and good hand feeling
4. No plate making, the price is lower than the market average
5. Standing fabrics and basic consumables for ultra-short delivery
6. Unique geographical advantages, saving logistics advantages

Parameters of Bath Towel

Product name Hot Promotional Fast Drying 100 % Cotton Bath Towel For The family hotel
Material 100% Cotton
Size 70x140cm or customized
Weight 400gsm
Shape Rectangle or customized
Color Customized
Technic Reactive printing
Moq 100pc
Sample Time 5 days
Quality Standard EU and USA market standard
Feature No color limit
Color Fastness Grade 4-5
Printing Mould N/M
Delivery Time 20 Days
Packaging 1pc/opp polybag,30pcs,45*37*40cm, G.W./N.W.12/11kg

Color Textile is a professional China 100% cotton hot promotional bath towel factory, supply high quality&factory price bath towel, if you want to wholesale high quality&factory price bath towel, welcome to consult wholesale 100% cotton hot promotional bath towel quotation for free.

Application and After-Sales Service of Bath Towel

It turns out that so many industries are doing custom-made production of gift bath towels. Gift towels are now more and more popular. With the development of the times and the improvement of people’s living standards and aesthetic standards, products of many years ago have been difficult to meet the needs of enterprises and consumers. In particular, many companies nowadays want to send gifts with corporate information to customers, but general promotional products have not played much of a role. So many companies want to use gift towel customization to attract customers.

Gift bath towels are custom made as a custom branch of gift towels, as custom prices have always been a high-end custom representation. For example, if you receive a custom gift bath towel, will you be as casual as those pens, books, and single pages? I will definitely stay well, I will definitely remember the information about the product, and it can also be used as a daily object.

Some time ago, a company engaged in the automotive industry asked us that Jiangsu is not lazy to help them customize the production of gift bath towels as an event gift to the customers. Because the brand is relatively high-end, the gift grades must not be bad. Moreover, those simple small gifts in the past can’t be promoted, and customers will not have the habit of staying. But the gift bath towel customization is different. Not only can you print your own company logo, but you can also print your own design patterns. You can even print the photo of the customer and our photo on the towel. The promotion effect is achieved, and the customer is very happy.

And now there are many companies that use gift bath towels to customize, such as beauty health industry, automobile advertising industry, sports and fitness industry, bank gift industry, pedicure club industry, sports event promotion industry, beauty advertising industry, corporate welfare distribution, wedding With the gift, real estate industry, baby full moon birthday, friends and relatives gifts … and gift bath towel customization can also improve the brand image of the company, as a high-end gift, in fact, when designing and producing, the corporate culture of the company is also integrated into it. Customers receiving such gifts will definitely have a better impression on the company, and the publicity effect will be more durable.

And now the development is so fast, the development of society is closely related to the development of the enterprise. It is definitely not possible to follow society. Customized gifts must be more and more individualized, and more and more can reflect the corporate culture. Fast, more and more unlimited. Nowadays, it is the digital printing technology that can meet this demand.

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