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Animal Hooded Towel

Color Textile is a professional China 100% cotton kids animal hooded towel supplier, supply 100% cotton comfortable animal hooded towel factory price, welcome to consult wholesale 100% cotton comfortable animal hooded towel. The children’s embroidered bathrobes are made of pure cotton fabric. The softness of the fabric is very suitable for children. This bathrobe is very good for absorbing water and is the best care for children after bathing.

Features of Animal Hooded Towel

1. Not limited to order quantity, not limited to flower type, unlimited color, unlimited size
2. Unique fabric quality, using high quality raw materials and advanced weaving process
3. Advanced production technology, high color fastness, and good hand feeling
4. No plate making, the price is lower than the market average
5. Standing fabrics and basic consumables for ultra-short delivery
6. Unique geographical advantages, saving logistics advantages

Parameters of Animal Hooded Towel

Product Name: Soft and comfortable 100% Cotton Printed Kids Animal Hooded Towel Custom
Material: 100% bamboo charcoal fiber
Use for: 0-5 years old baby
Size: 90*120cm or as customized,no size limit
Logo: embroidered
Weight: 400~600gsm  can be customized
Color: customized
MOQ: 1000pcs
Sample Time: 15 days
Delivery Time: 45~60days
Packaging: 1pc/opp polybag,

Color Textile is a professional China 100% cotton kids animal hooded towel factory, supply high quality&factory price animal hooded towel if you want to wholesale high quality&factory price animal hooded towel, welcome to consult wholesale 100% cotton comfortable animal hooded towel factory price for free.

Application and After-Sales Service of Animal Hooded Towel

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