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A friend doing sports events said: digital print custom product quality is real cattle


This customer of our company is mainly engaged in sports events. Since some clothes and towels in sports events need to be customized, he also found some manufacturers to make customized production.

In fact, he did not believe in printing technology at the very beginning, because the printing technology was not particularly perfect at that time, so the product price was very high and the quality was relatively ordinary, so at the beginning, he still used embroidery or embossing to make customization.

However, after the improvement of digital printing technology, because the introduction of digital printing technology of our company is relatively early, and there have been many years of research and stable mass production time, so when many manufacturers in the market are still exploring, our company can produce high-quality products. This customer also came to our company to cooperate with us at that time.

Compared with the traditional printing digital printing technology is not the tinted limited, digital printing for pattern also have no the request, and the minimum quantity of an order for digital printing is very low, very suitable for the requirement of fast fashion now, compared with the traditional printing can run thousands of minimum quantity is really too is suitable for the social consumption now.

However, digital printing technology can become more and more large in the current market. In addition to meeting the current market, there are still digital printing technology quality is also very good.

Good quality wins the market.

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