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2020 Towel Trend Forecast


2020 Towel Trend Forecast

As a small object that everyone uses in daily life, towels have been one of the must-have items for every family since ancient times. Over the years, the development of towels has gradually evolved from the previous Par to the current custom-made towels, from the initial decoration and status symbol to the daily necessities of daily cleaning.

With the development of towels, the trend of towels is actually more than just now.

In Egypt, Phra woven from Pampas grass was the first predecessor of towels;

In ancient Greece and Rome, the parquet made of linen used directly as a symbol of identity and wealth;

The gradual maturity of the textile technology, the popularization of handkerchiefs, the birth of color handkerchiefs, the standard of elegant and noble color handkerchiefs.

British gentleman with a handkerchief, gentleman style is full;

French handkerchiefs are rich and diverse in shape;

With the transformation of the industrial revolution, the first cotton yarn towel finally entered the home of ordinary people;

From west to east, towels were introduced to Japan (Toyo) at that time. The towel production in Japan was gradually introduced to our country.

The development of China’s towel industry has experienced three periods since Guangxu, the Republic of China, and the establishment of New China. Especially after the establishment of new China, the towel industry has made rapid development. Once occupying more than 70% of the international towel market share. Later, due to the economic blockade of international forces and the vicious competition, a large number of towel companies closed down.

2020 Towel Trend Forecast

Until the end of the 1970s, after the reform and opening up, under the guidance of national policies, towel enterprises completely changed. Paying attention to quality, integrity, brands. Towel enterprises developed rapidly.

The current domestic towel industry also knew at home and abroad for its rich resource advantages and production level.

And now towels are not only for the general needs of use but also have towels in various industries, such as ball games, concerts, gyms, beaches, and other fields and scenes have towels.

The classification of towels is also diverse: face towels, bath towels, beach towels, square towels, sports towels, cold towels…

Moreover, towels are not just the same simple style as before. The attractive point of towels now is customization.

To customize towels, there are still many ways: printing, laser, embossing, jacquard, embroidery… all make towels colorful and attractive.

Now due to various reasons such as epidemic situation, environmental protection, and market, many towel printing and dyeing enterprises are reforming towards digital printing. Digitally printed custom towels will also usher in an absolute outbreak this year.

In 2020, the trend of the towel industry will show great growth in customization, especially in digital printing.

Still, the same world, come to us for digitally printed towels.


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