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2 people in charge of 12 machines, the efficiency is really full


I saw a video in Moments this morning. It was shot of 12 machines of a certain company running at the same time, but only two people were on the scene to manage it.

According to my understanding, because this machine is very intelligent, one person can manage multiple machines during production.

In fact, since last year, many traditional technology companies have had many employees unable to arrive at work due to the epidemic. Therefore, it has become very, very difficult to sign a large order to ship normally within the specified time. In fact, many traditional technology companies did not ship on time and within the specified time. At that time, some highly intelligent companies had relatively low demand for workers, so they still maintained stable shipments during the epidemic. This also made many traditional technology companies thinking about becoming smart. Chemical technology companies to make the change.

Let’s take the example of digital printing and traditional printing.
At the time of the epidemic, a traditional printing factory had almost all employees in other places, so there were very few employees left in the company after the year. However, the backlog of orders a year ago made the bosses of the company very stressful on shipments, even though they were working overtime almost every day. The goods, but still unable to ship all the goods within the stipulated delivery period. (Of course, communication and delivery issues with customers during the epidemic have also been resolved)

However, it is for this reason that this company wants to make an improvement in its own technology, to make the company’s technology move towards intelligence, and to reduce the dependence of the company’s production on employees.

In fact, like the 12 machines mentioned above, only 2 people are needed for on-site management. Intelligent production now requires very low manual labor, and the production efficiency is also very high. In the industry market that is developing faster and faster. , Intelligent production can be said to be the trend.

Our company introduced digital printing technology many years ago. In fact, the development of digital printing at that time was not as fast as it is now. However, at that time, we also valued the intelligence and development prospects of digital printing technology before thinking about introducing it.

However, looking at it now, digital printing has entered its own golden years of development for five years. With the improvement of technology and the reduction of ink costs, the development speed of digital printing is getting faster and faster, and the market share of digital printing is also increasing. high.

In addition, digital printed towel products, with no need for plate making, no pattern/color restrictions, fast proofing/shipping speed, excellent product quality….. Advantages in the entire printed towel market have gained recognition from consumers in many regions.

Nowadays, because many companies have relatively high requirements for intelligent technology, many traditional printing manufacturers are also shifting to digital printing technology. Therefore, there are many digital printing manufacturers on the market, but they can stabilize mass production. There are very few companies in China, so if you want to purchase high-quality products, you must choose high-quality manufacturers.

Who do you choose?

You understand.

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